Linus Guardian Escandor II is an Independent Photojournalist and Documentary Photographer currently living in Manila, Philippines. He focuses on themes of environment, health, social and human rights issues.

Marawi: On the War's End

This  book  compiles  the  unfolding  stories of  people who  fought against  terrorism armed not with  guns and  ammunitions but  with unwavering faith and  determination to guard the most precious possession that man holds dear - the liberty to simply exist. For  over  5 months  of  intense armed conflict resulted to immeasurable  loss of lives and properties  and  the  displacement  of  hundreds  of  thousands of innocent people, Marawi has  become  the living  manifest  of   our nation’s  commitment  to secure the ASEAN region from the spread of radical ideologies and violent extremism. Marawi has taken all the beating in order to make our country safer and although half of the city is now in ruins, the destruction can not and will not embody the Meranao’s collective resolve to recover  from the fall  and in  the process regain  their pride  and dignity robbed   from   them  during  months of heavy fighting. The narratives  of the survivors  depicted on still images captured by the photographer correct the  long-held misconception  that  Marawi  siege is a product of a religious war for not only did the photographer able to present the  sad realities  of   war but he also educates us  with a simple truth  that  fanaticism   and   violent   ideology  driven  by  terroristic impulse recognizes no religion and aligns  with no established religious order.