Ulingan: City of smoke

Linus Guardian Escandor II is an Independent Photojournalist and Documentary Photographer currently living in Manila, Philippines. He focuses on themes of environment, health, social and human rights issues.

Charcoal making industry is prevalent in the slums of Manila particularly in Tondo district which is popularly known as Ulingan. It is very unusual to see such kind in the city especially where trees are very scarce and highly protected. This is located within  the dumpsites of Manila and they used wood scraps which they buy for a minimal fee or picked from neighboring construction sites. There is a negative effect of the industry to the environment and the danger it create especially to the children  who are working  there. Instead of playing and enjoying their youth these children are forced to earn money  and help their family living in poverty.  In a world where the only thing to survive is education, the children  were becoming illiterate and deprived of the things which can make them a better individual. The children are also being exposed to health hazards which will more likely be a problem to their family and the community and being used as laborers thus exposing them to all sorts of danger.