Linus Guardian Escandor II is an Independent Photojournalist and Documentary Photographer currently living in Manila, Philippines. He focuses on themes of environment, health, social and human rights issues.


Linus Guardian Escandor II is an Independent Photojournalist covering news & humanitarian issues in the Philippines.


Escandor’s journey as a photojournalist has brought him closer to the suffering faces, hands, and limbs in the midst of poverty, natural disasters, and conflicts the subjects of some of his long-term stories and projects.


A self-taught photographer who has taken part in collective exhibitions in Bosnia, Berlin, France, London, New York, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and the Philippines. 


Beyond the superior technical qualities, and often taken under perilous circumstances, the images shot by  Filipino photojournalist Linus Guardian Escandor II deliver gut-wrenching and heart-piercing truths of news events in and daily realities of his home country.

Linus Escandor II first worked as staff photographer of Manila Bulletin, one of the oldest and largest Philippine broadsheets, covering calamities, conflicts and politics, and, since 2016, has worked on assignment for international news organizations such as CNN International, Reuters, The European Press Agency, The Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Zuma Press,  Anadolu Agency,  Red Bull, ESPN and La Vie/Groupe Le Monde.

His works have been published in the Philippines and overseas.

Please use images with permission