Islamist militants took over this city of 200,000 people in late May, modeling themselves on Islamic State, or ISIS. Philippine soldiers, assisted by the U.S. military, struggled to reclaim it.  Philippine authorities on Monday said two of the militants’ most senior leaders had been killed, including one on Washington’s list of most-wanted terrorists, and that it was a few days from securing the city. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday declared the city liberated.

Le nombre de familles vivant à la rue a fortement augmenté depuis quelques années : 1,5 million d'enfants seraient concernés à Manille. L'Association Soeur Emmanuelle a mené une enquête en 2014 révélant que 50 % des mères et 77 % des pères interrogés, appartiennent à la seconde génération des familles vivant à la rue. Ils sont nés dehors, se sont mariés dans la rue, construisent leur vie avec le ciel pour seul toit. Dans son T-shirt bleu trop grand pour elle, Arianne, 11 ans, rêve de devenir professeur de math plus tard : "La vie est difficile dans la rue, c'est sale, c'est bruyant, on va chercher de l'eau loin pour sa laver. Il faut aller à l'école pour avoir une meilleure vie. Mais on ne peut pas y aller tous les jours quand on est dehors, c'est compliqué".

City of the Dead/CNN International

Rodrigo Roa Duterte became president of the Philippines and turned the country into a battlefield in his war on drugs. Since then, the murder rate has dramatically risen. This is the story of Santo Niño, an inner-city neighborhood in Metro Manila where some of the most shocking killings have taken place.

The radio cracked. Linus Guardian Escandor II knew what was coming. The station, AM 594 kHz, would report a summary execution. He would squeeze into a pickup truck with four other photojournalists, speed through Manila to some rain-slicked slum or dark alley and arrive while the bodies still lay in the streets.Their hands would likely be tied, their faces wrapped in tape, blood flowing from bullet wounds in their heads and chests.

The Manila Major is the ongoing eSport tournament where 16 of the world’s best Dota 2 teams compete for $3 million prize pool held at the Mall of Asia Arena from June 7–12 2016. I followed the teams as they move toward the finals.  OG take home the Reaver trophy and $1,110,000. As both the Frankfurt and Manila Major champions, OG are the first team to ever win two majors and sponsored events.  

Scarborough Shoal known as Panatag Shoal or Bajo de Masinloc to Filipinos and Huangyan Island to the Chinese. Scarborough been historically associated with the Philippines, and has appeared in 17th century European maps of Southeast Asia.  Masinloc’s fish market which drew wholesale vendors from across the region now sells a fraction of what it did, at much higher prices.

Just a few miles from the gleaming venue hosting President Barack Obama and other world leaders sits Manila’s slum of slums on a mountain of trash, a potent reminder to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation bloc that the globalization agenda it promotes has left many behind. “What’s APEC?” asked Winifredo Sumaya, a 60-year-old jobless man standing outside a squalid shack atop “Smokey Mountain” in the Philippine capital’s Tondo slum district. The shanty village lies on a massive garbage pile which once billowed smoke, hence its name, until the dump was shut down by the government in the 1990s as it tried to remove an eyesore that symbolized its failure to ease wrenching poverty.

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